Learning & Slashing my way through Sustainability & Innovation

How NN, Dustin and Nyenrode are connected

At NN I can share a lot of the practical experience I gained within ABN AMRO, how to make strategy of sustainability and innovation while delivering the proof points. Focus of NN Property & Casualty Insurance is to deliver these proof points! Great to see so much potential in new initiatives, partnerships and people who are intrinsically motivated to take the natural role of bearer of the unbearable to a next societal level. I have no doubt the business case (value case) will proof the commercial value too. I am working in a team responsible for the Sustainability program and that feels good to not to be a lone ranger. Discovering also the great network of people working for NN and seeing even more links to create more impact. One of the propositions got my special interest. The smartphone insurance of ING (NN runs their insurance operation) with repair service. Trying to prevent e-waste, overconsumption of new gadgets and just insuring the unbearable. The circular economy in practice. Not easy to arrange and scale but as concept highly likeable. With my thesis for Nyenrode I will zoom into this area: How to make the value case to scale circular repair and reuse services as an insurer. And the link with Dustin is that in my - one day a week assignment - I am learning where the ICT bottlenecks and ambitions are. Dustin is quite ambitious itself. The company that acquired Centralpoint last year is aiming for 100% circularity and carbon neutral in their value chain in 2030. Great to help them taking concrete steps also on the social equality side. I work for the Sustainability team where most are based in Sweden and am linking this to the Benelux colleagues. This week got the opportunity to share jointly with the Head of Sustainability Sandra Klackenborn the urgency and opportunities in sustainability for 300+ leaders. Sharing outside-in views while getting more and more an idea of the ICT reselling business contributed to inspiring this amazing group of Dustin leaders.

How everything is connected

The presentation for Dustin I gave was of course online. That morning I was giving a presentation on Interclean – a huge conference for the cleaning industry in Amsterdam – together with Stephan of Grip Facility for whom I did my first assignment for. The digital (or hybrid) growth potential of the GRIP platform.

(Picture: Doing my Marty McFly Backtothefuture Fluxcapacitor thing. Too bad half of the audience does not know this movie. I am getting old, haha)

While searching for a private space on that conference to do my presentation for Dustin, I was thinking how are all these assignments connected? (What the hell am I trying to combine…)


The companies I work for all have leverage points (as I learned at Nyenrode in Changing the Game) they can use to push systemic change.


To finish it off, this Friday I started working from home on my two assignments, travelled to Amsterdam because I am joining Holland Fintech & Startupbootcamp pitches of the fintech class of 2022. The case for Holland Fintech is how to help scale and coach all these entrepreneurs. I am coaching Oscar Anzola of WayPay and he invited me spontaneously today to join a call with a prospect: A bank. This all took place in the Tribes building Raamplein 1 which I booked via Greendesk (great initiative of group innovation of ABN AMRO where NN is pilot partner of). A sentimental journey because this building is where I started my student learning life in back in 1993. I am still learning. Keep on learning and sharing lessons learned. Can you still keep track??? Quite some slashing right?

Have a great weekend! Time for /husbank/father/golf