All in: My impact journey has started

Two decades of corporate intrapreneurship:

I got the opportunity to give advice to hundreds of entrepreneurs...

I got the opportunity to specialize in tech, innovation and sustainability...

I got the opportunity to be entrepreneurial setting up new propositions and ventures such as sector banking, Moneyou Go and Impact Nation .

And in my freetime I coached startups in the fintech and impact space through my connections with Startupbootcamp and Holland Fintech.

The first experience of doing it on my own account I got via TheNextSpeaker of Tessa Sterkenburg. I had to take days off from my regular job to take on work to chair or present. But I loved it although I never really had enough spare time.

As of 2022 I will have time! I will start being full time self employed, working for different companies help them accelerating their business. I bring in my experience in the field of innovation, sustainability and finance. Those three don't always have to go hand in hand in projects, but often they do. My father was right with his advice 20 years ago.

It feels like a natural step to take now. My impact journey took off.